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Release Date

April 1st, 2015


Apple iPad2~iPad Air 2; iPad Mini~Mini 3
Requires iOS7 or greater


Available Worldwide from the Apple App Store

4 Chapters
50+ Groove Systems

3 Groove Freedom Practice ViewChoose from 4 different chapters of content: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, World Grooves, and 32nd Note Patterns. Over 50 groove systems to choose from with more added every month!

Select Your Groove,
See Your Progress

3 Groove Freedom Practice ViewSelect a groove system to see the notation, listen to an audio sample, and see a graph of your progress. Tap the music to start practicing the selected groove!

Practice Exercises

3 Groove Freedom Practice ViewView the pattern you’re practicing as well as each part separated by limb. Practice while listening to the audio and click track; adjust the volume of each part or mute a part to make a challenging pattern easier to learn.

Automated Practice
Tracking History

3 Groove Freedom Practice ViewView your entire practice history: what grooves you practiced when, the length of your session, min/max BPM, all exercises and more.

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